2017 Vaughn Weightlifting Open Recap – 813 Weightlifting, Tern Weightlifting, Keep Pulling

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On Saturday, May 6th, a few of our lifters competed in the 2017 Vaughn Weightlifting Open at Real Fitness Sarasota in Sarasota, FL. Here is a quick recap on their performances!

  • Marcella went 4 for 6 setting a competition PR snatch!
  • Delio went 5 for 6 setting competition PR snatches, PR Clean & Jerks and PR Total and qualified for the American Open Series 2!
  • Paivy also went 5 for 6 setting a competition PR snatch, ended 1kg below her all time best total, and won best overall female lifter!
  • Jason also went 5 for 6 setting a competition PR Clean & Jerk and all time PR total after dropping to a lighter weight class!
  • Patrick also jumped in to have a little fun going 3 for 6 after 12 hours of coaching! No personal PRs for him, but obviously our athletes’ performances are the priority! 

Great job to everyone and big thank you to Ben and Liz for the coaching assist. We couldn’t do it without you two!