Keep Pulling Monthly Weightlifting Technique Courses in Tampa, FL

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Hear what Kyle has to say about our monthly Weightlifting Technique Courses! LEARN MORE Kyle has been a CrossFit athlete and coach for nearly 10 years and was able to experience improvement through building upon foundational principles of the snatch and clean & jerk! Join us at one of our […]

Testimonial: Tern Weightlifting Technique Course

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Learn how our Weightlifting Technique Course helped Juan improve his lifts for CrossFit! Our Technique Courses are comprised of 10 sessions that are designed to help you make corrections and improvements to your snatch and clean & jerk technique. In 4 weeks of training with our specialized Weightlifting coaches, Juan […]

Testimonial | Heather, CrossFit & Weightlifting Athlete

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I’m 39 year old CrossFitter, a mother of two (ages 5 and 2), and a lifelong swimmer. I once competed at a collegiate level, back in the late 90s. As a result, my entire shoulder girdle is rotated internally from years of stroking water. Lifting toddlers onto my hip and […]