Getting Started – What You Need To Know

Welcome to your Keep Pulling Remote Athlete online portal. On this page, you will find all the necessary information for getting started along with answers to frequently asked questions relating to our training programs and coaching methods. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!

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  • Weightlifting Shoes (Read reviews on different shoes)
  • Training Log/Journal
  • Calculator
  • Phone or Video Camera
  • Dropbox App (for uploading videos)
    Click here for instructions on how to set up a Dropbox account for video feedback.


“What numbers do I use for my percentages?”
There are four numbers that your exercises will be based upon:

1) Snatch 1RM (full, with the squat)
2) Clean + Jerk 1RM (full, with the squat)
3) Front Squat 1RM
4) Back Squat 1RM

If you have a Power Snatch 1RM and a Power Clean 1RM, use those for any time you have a power variation on your program. But, a good rule of thumb is whatever grip you are going to use for the exercise denotes which number you use. Snatch RDL = Snatch 1RM; Overhead Squat = Snatch 1RM; Jerk = Clean + Jerk 1RM, etc.

“How do I warm up?”
Since everyone has their own style and routines of warming up, we usually leave this up to the athlete. We strongly recommend a general physical warm up (jump rope, rowing, KB swings, etc) before beginning a barbell-specific warm up. If you walk into the gym, put your shoes on and go right into your first working set, you’re doing it wrong and we need to have a conversation!

Try to limit your general warm up to 10 minutes and your bar specific warm up to 5-7 minutes before beginning your training program. If you need us to write out a warm up sequence for you, we would be glad to help.

“Do I need to do the snatch and clean position work every day?”
Yes. The point of working on technique is to better your technique. Please do not skip the repetitions from the power position and hang position outlined every day.

“My 75% is 132.793 pounds…What do I do?”
Round up to 135.

“Do misses count toward my overall rep count?”
Yes. Generally, we don’t redo reps and sets. Note that you missed it and move on!

“I keep missing a weight…what should I do?”
If you miss a prescribed weight twice, that’s too many misses. Bring the weight down to a weight that is manageable. Yes, sometimes that means you will be working at a weight lower than what is prescribed; Do NOT continue to attempt a weight if you are missing more than twice!

“I’m feeling good today…can I max out?”

“How do I work these training sessions in with my CrossFit program?”
If you are part of a basic Hybrid program, we would suggest either alternating days or performing your Weightlifting session BEFORE your metabolic workout. These training programs are primarily technique focused and working through them after your central nervous system is destroyed from an intense workout will have negative effects on your technical development.

If you are part of Hybrid program that includes a squat protocol, we suggest alternating days and PLEASE DO NOT perform other Strength WODs or squat programs outside of this training program.

If you are part of a full-time Weightlifting program, we suggest only performing two (2) metabolic conditioning workouts per week and PLEASE DO NOT perform other strength WODs or squat programs outside of this training program.

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