#GetTechnical Video Reviews and Analyses

#GetTechnical with some of our video reviews and video analyses of the Snatch, Clean, Jerk, and other movements related to Olympic Weightlifting.

All reviews were created by our Keep Pulling Weightlifting Coaching Staff and sent to our athletes as part of our Remote Coaching Program!

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#GetTechnical // What the Finish Means for Momentum in Olympic Weightlifting

When extending through the top of a lift, we need to generate force with the legs, but also DIRECT it, which is a two-fold process. Both the legs and arms have a role to play, but the majority of the work is done with the legs. We need to stay […]


#GetTechnical // Staying Over the Barbell in Olympic Weightlifting

The phrase, “Stay over the barbell,” has been widely used in many different situations. It mostly refers to keeping one’s chest and shoulders over or ahead of the barbell during a snatch or clean, but let’s take a look at what it means for the elbows. The nature of Weightlifting […]


#GetTechnical // Hinge into the Hang Position for Olympic Weightlifting

When we are doing positional practice, reinforcing the basics will yield the greatest returns. In this instance with one of our Remote Athletes, we have a small correction needed in the hang position. In the hang, we must make sure that: ✅We hinge from the hip (bend over) ✅Shoulders are […]

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