#GetTechnical Video Reviews and Analyses

#GetTechnical with some of our video reviews and video analyses of the Snatch, Clean, Jerk, and other movements related to Olympic Weightlifting.

All reviews were created by our Keep Pulling Weightlifting Coaching Staff and sent to our athletes as part of our Remote Coaching Program!

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#GetTechnical // Weight Distribution During the Split Jerk

#GetTechnical with your weight distribution in the split landing! In this case with our remote lifter, he is landing very heavily on the lead foot putting most of his body weight (and center of gravity) forward. Some common cues for the split jerk are “step through” or “step out” with the lead […]


#GetTechnical // Creating an Effective Angle of Attack for Olympic Weightlifting

#GetTechnical with your line of attack! Getting the barbell up in the air is only half the battle — learn to guide your body properly and aggressively! Though the barbell should always end “behind the body,” lifters must be careful not to force this feeling by leaning through with the […]


#GetTechnical // The Pulling Never Stops in Olympic Weightlifting!

I mean…Keep Pulling, right? It sounds simple, but the pulling isn’t done when the legs are finished. In this video, we can see the lifter slightly “relaxing” against the barbell. If the lifter were to Keep Pulling, it would better: ✅Guide the barbell/body to the rack position ✅Allow the lifter […]

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