#GetTechnical Video Reviews and Analyses

#GetTechnical with some of our video reviews and video analyses of the Snatch, Clean, Jerk, and other movements related to Olympic Weightlifting.

All reviews were created by our Keep Pulling Weightlifting Coaching Staff and sent to our athletes as part of our Remote Coaching Program!

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#GetTechnical // Stacking the Split Jerk for Olympic Weightlifting

Sometimes during the split jerk, we may feel the barbell ending forward. This can be caused by one of two things: 1) Driving the barbell forward in the dip and drive, or in this instance, 2) Pulling the body behind the barbell too far. When landing in the split jerk, […]


#GetTechnical // Simplify Your Pulls for Olympic Weightlifting

Video 1: Error ➡️ Video 2: Corrective drill As we’ve said before, cues are relative to the situation and athlete. In this instance, excessive focus on “knees out” and “knees back” have caused a breakdown in ground force application — or the PUSH through the ground. When we start a […]


#GetTechnical // Meeting the Barbell with Tension in the Clean for Olympic Weightlifting

After the extension or “jumping” phase of the snatch or clean, we have to remember that the lift is only half over! In this instance with one of our remote athletes, we are seeing a little bit of a disconnect between the body and the barbell prior to the receiving […]

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