#GetTechnical Video Reviews and Analyses

#GetTechnical with some of our video reviews and video analyses of the Snatch, Clean, Jerk, and other movements related to Olympic Weightlifting.

All reviews were created by our Keep Pulling Weightlifting Coaching Staff and sent to our athletes as part of our Remote Coaching Program!

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#GetTechnical // Prioritizing Your Training and Development for Olympic Weightlifting

#GetTechnical with your TRAINING PRIORITIES! Ensuring proper development as a Weightlifter comes down to properly training the lifts. In order of importance (and implementation), the different areas of develpomental focus come down to: 1️⃣POSITION 2️⃣SPEED 3️⃣LOAD Once a lifter masters the positions, we add speed and the RESULT is load over […]


#GetTechnical // Jerk with your Knee in Olympic Weightlifting

Position is power in the Snatch and Clean, but let’s talk about the jerk! A proper landing will ensure both stability and consistency. When landing in the split jerk, we need to make sure: ✅Front shin is vertical ✅Back foot is up on the ball of the foot ✅Back knee […]


#GetTechnical // Extending Tall in the Snatch in Olympic Weightlifting

When hammering out details and correcting errors in the Snatch or Clean, 9 times out of 10, it comes down to mastering a foundational principle of the movement itself. The “finish” or “extension” is one of the top priorities when it comes down to order of operations! By definition, the “finish” […]

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