#GetTechnical Video Reviews and Analyses

#GetTechnical with some of our video reviews and video analyses of the Snatch, Clean, Jerk, and other movements related to Olympic Weightlifting.

All reviews were created by our Keep Pulling Weightlifting Coaching Staff and sent to our athletes as part of our Remote Coaching Program!

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#GetTechnical // The Effects of Head Position in the Snatch for Olympic Weightlifting

Your head position and gaze can affect your lifts more than you might realize. The body will mostly follow the actions of the eyes and head. Above is an illustration we made for one of our Remote Athletes to show the effects of a neutral gaze/head position on a lift […]

#GetTechnical // Elbow Positioning in the Clean and Snatch Pull in Olympic Weightlifting

#GetTechnical with your elbow position! The thing about pulls is that they need to mimic the positioning of the clean and snatch as much as possible. So, even though everybody pulls, here’s how to Keep Pulling the right way: In this video with one of our Remote Athletes, we are […]

#GetTechnical // Extending Legs Through the Power Position in Olympic Weightlifting

#GetTechnical with your extension! Even during light warm up reps, we must make sure that we are still achieving the proper positions all the way through each lift. In this video with one of our Remote Athletes, there is a lack of leg extension through the top of the extension […]

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