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What are lifters saying?

After CrossFitting for about 2-3 years I decided to make the switch to full time Weightlifting, that is when I met Patrick and he became my coach. It was an immediately great athlete coach connecting and I knew he was going to be able to help me take my Weightlifting to the next level. He is extremely meticulous and technical (which you need in this sport) but does a great job of not over-coaching.

His coaching and programming propelled me to 5 National Level Weightlifting meets. 2 of which included the National Championships in my first 2 years working with him which I would have never imagined I would have accomplished when I first started Weightlifting! There is no doubt in my mind that Patrick was the driving force to the success AND FUN I had with the sport of Weightlifting!

Pat D. – Weightlifting Athlete

I’ve been with Keep Pulling for four and a half years and almost all of my time with KP has been remote. Since going remote after I moved back to my home state of MN, my total has increased by 60 kilos and I compete at multiple national meets every year. I record all of my lifts and send Patrick videos after every workout. He critiques all of my workouts multiple times a week, giving positive feedback and tips/cues for my next workout. 

Patrick also does video reviews in which he sends back my videos with him talking over them and pausing/playing the video at certain points to make his cues easier to understand. Overall, I’ve loved KP and all the progress I’ve made and will continue to make!

Sam M. – Remote Athlete

The coaches here understand that it’s not a cookie cutter plan, and because of that I have had a huge increase in my performance and seeing such a difference in myself I have become a more confident lifter. Even though I competed in high school and lifted with other coaches in the past, I came into the club with minimal knowledge about lifting and many mobility issues that the coaches really worked with me to correct.

Desirae M. – Weightlifting Athlete

Within just a few months of coaching under Keep Pulling, my lifts have improved significantly, both physically and mentally. I’ve gained so much more confidence in my snatch and managed to put 11+ kilos on to my back squat and I know there’s much more coming in my future as a lifter!

Not only does Patrick ensure that his lifters improve their technique and steadily progress with PR’s, he also focuses on growing his athletes’ mental fortitude. It sounds overused and cliché, but his coaching is the epitome of “trust the process”. I’ve been trusting that for almost a year now and I could not be happier!

Mackenzie R. – Weightlifting Athlete