Keep Pulling Mentorship & Coach Development Program

This program was developed as a guide to introduce individuals to the sport of Olympic-Style Weightlifting in a safe and controlled environment and to provide a practical educational resource to aspiring coaches. Contact us to apply for this program!

Full Program Curriculum

Our Mentorship and Coach Development Program is a complete educational resource for aspiring coaches. Includes 100+ page self-published program manual, section reviews and quizzes, milestones, check-ins, and more!

Coaching & Business Applications

Work directly with one (or more) of our coaching staff to complete shadowing hours, practical hands-on coaching hours in our facility, business tasks, and more. Participants will be exposed to both the trainer/client aspects as well as small business operations.

University of Tampa Approved

The Keep Pulling Mentorship and Coach Development Program is an approved internship program for degree seeking students at the University of Tampa!