Keep Pulling Grand Prix Series

We have combined our seasonal events into a local series! Our Tampa Bay Spring Classic (GP Event 1), Tampa Bay Practice Classic (GP Event 2), and Tampa Bay Area Classic (GP Event 3) will serve as "qualifiers" for the Grand Prix Finals at the end of the year in which the top-ranked lifters will earn points and compete for cash prizes!

Learn more about our Grand Prix Series below!


Keep Pulling Grand Prix Finals

December 18th, 2021
as part of the Holiday Classic

The top 16 men and women across our three Series Events will compete in the Grand Prix Finals at the end of the year!

Learn more about our Grand Prix Series qualifications and scoring system below!



✅Athletes MUST compete in at least one (1) of our KP Grand Prix Series Events AND the KP Grand Prix Finals on Dec. 18, 2021

Athletes may compete in as many Series Events as they would like!

✅Top 16 Men & Top 16 Women (Sinclair) across all events will qualify for the KP Grand Prix Finals – Leaderboard will update after each event

If an athlete is bumped out of top 16, they may compete in another KP Grand Prix Series Event to try to better their ranking.

✅Best Male & Female overall Sinclair winners from each seasonal event will win a guaranteed spot at the KP Grand Prix Finals


✅Top 16 Series ranking will be based on athlete's best SINCLAIR score achieved in a KP Seasonal Event

✅Athletes will score and accumulate points in each event based on their Overall Ranking (Sinclair)

✅Overall Male & Female Grand Prix Finals winners will be based on total accumulated points across the KP Grand Prix Series

You can increase your points and chances of winning by doing more than one seasonal event!

1 40 100
2 37 75
3 34 55
4 31 35
5 28 15
6 25
7 22
8 19
9 16
10 13
11 10
12 7
13 4
14 1