Improve Your Weightlifting for CrossFit in Tampa, Florida

Weightlifting for CrossFIt

It's no secret that Weightlifting is a part of CrossFit! Taking the time to build upon the foundations of your Snatch and Clean & Jerk will apply to many other aspects of the sport -- not just the lifts themselves!

Learn to move more effectively with one of our program options below!

Monthly Weightlifting Technique Courses

Spend 3 classes per week with our dedicated Weightlifting coaching staff building a foundation for the snatch and clean & jerk. This 10 session long course will teach you to move more effectively by prioritizing YOUR movement! This course is meant to be a supplement to other training programs and may be paired with CrossFit.

3 Month Weightlifting Training Cycle

This intensive 12-week program is for CrossFit or weightlifting athletes who are looking to focus primarily on their Olympic Lifts. We still build the fundamentals, technical proficiency, and consistency with a complimenting strength protocol. This training program is all-inclusive and should not be paired with other training.

Hear From A CrossFit Coach

Kyle has been a CrossFit athlete and coach for nearly 10 years and was able to experience improvement through building upon foundational principles of the snatch and clean & jerk!


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