Do you have access to the necessary gym equipment needed for Olympic lifting?

Do you have at least 8-12 months of experience with the Olympic lifts?

Are you willing to provide your coach with ongoing and frequent videos of your training?

If you answered yes to all three, then Remote Coaching just might be for you! Our Remote Coaching is on a case-by-case basis, so shoot us an email to talk with one of our coaches!


What are lifters saying?!

After working with Patrick every single day in person for 2 years, I moved to NY and became a remote athlete. I was nervous about making this transition, but not a single beat was missed. He is extremely meticulous and technical (which you need in this sport) but does a great job of not over-coaching. The communication, direction, advice and programming was just as it was when I was with him in person.

Even though I was over a thousand miles away from Tampa, I was still able to improve as a national competitor with the remote coaching. There is no doubt in my mind Patrick was the driving force to the success AND FUN I had with the sport of Weightlifting!

Pat D. – Remote Athlete

I’ve been with Keep Pulling for four and a half years and almost all of my time with KP has been remote. Since going remote after I moved back to my home state of MN, my total has increased by 60 kilos and I compete at multiple national meets every year. I record all of my lifts and send Patrick videos after every workout. 

Patrick also does video reviews in which he sends back my videos with him talking over them and pausing/playing the video at certain points to make his cues easier to understand with feedback, tips, and cues for my next workout. Overall, I’ve loved KP and all the progress I’ve made and will continue to make!

Sam M. – Remote Athlete

Something lacking in a lot of remote teams is community. I don’t feel like that’s the case with KP. All of our workouts are tracked with the TrainHeroic app and it gives us a space to comment on the workouts to see how everyone else did and there are also certain exercises with a leaderboard to compare your numbers with other members.

Keep Pulling also runs a Remote Athlete Facebook page for us to post our videos/how we feel about the workouts. This way we can also comment and interact on other lifters’ videos even if they are thousands of miles away.

Sam M. – Remote Athlete


Exercise Video Library

We filmed hours of our own demo videos so that you can get movement instruction from anywhere in the world!

Ongoing Coaching & Feedback

We believe that communication and feedback is the key to progress and the process thrives when it’s a two way street!

Training Software

Receive your training program(s) and track your progress through the TrainHeroic smartphone app!

Video Review & Analysis

Coaches will review training videos and provide feedback twice per week. The more we see, the more we can help!

Training Program Access

Receive access to our team training programs through your TrainHeroic athlete profile.

Online Community

Join our private Facebook community of other remote lifters and coaches from around the world!


Just looking for a program?

The most important part of Remote Coaching is the whole "coaching" part, but we can certainly provide just a program for those who want to do it alone!

Get access to our 5 day Team Keep Pulling programming or 3 day Keep Pulling Hybrid Program directly through the TrainHeroic Marketplace!